Gulf Craft 55 FT


A Gulfcraft Made in the Year of 2000.

Flexible accommodations onboard make this an ideal yacht for an exciting family charter, a holiday with friends, or couples on a romantic getaway.

A 22 guest capacity has  luxurious comfort awaits guests aboard with spacious open architecture that facilitates circulation. Whether entertaining friends in the formal dining room or enjoying a quiet evening in the Flybridge or Saloon area , guests feel at home and welcome. 

This Gulfcraft 55ft. has 2 cabins which is spacious, a shower rooms with separate heads (toilets), and the layout provides privacy and space where needed. Its low stern hull platforms mean it’s easy to get in and out the water, so great for swimming.

Its Saloon area can accommodates an ideal  party or a solemn features for couples or friends. A simple Interior designs of a light leather color of sofas and a comfy pillows.

Gulfcraft 55ft. has a friendly crew dedicated to the comfort of each guest. Their top priority is prompt service and joyful attentiveness.


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